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Dancing in the Rain


Dancing in the Rain

"Life is not about sheltering from the storm, but about dancing in the rain."


This adage has been the driving force on how I have chosen to live my life.


The book is about my life journey with MS (multiple sclerosis). I was 27 when diagnosed in 1984, and the book shows how, with a positive attitude, determination and a willingness to adapt, I have continued to live my life to the fullest. Now, over 30 years later, and in a wheelchair and with no function in my arms, I have still chosen to follow the same principles and "dance in the rain",.


At the end of each chapter, there is a self-help section with points that can apply to anyone, whether with a chronic illness or not.

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MS Intouch magazine August 2017 edition

Northern District Times newspaper August 9, 2017

... Her ingenuity is typical of her message: "where there's a will, there's a way."...

Goodreads July 12, 2017    4/5 stars
I found the book very inspiring and gained some good advice. It's made me think of the things I can achieve just by slightly altering my daily lifeI would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone with Multiple Sclerosis and to anyone who suffers from chronic illness, and to carers, family and friends.


Finished your wonderful book 'Dancing in the Rain' and for a maths girl not bad at all. In fact you have a gift for storytelling to boot! An inspirational book I couldn't put down. Finished in one day. Congratulations it was fantastic, and want to see where I can get extra copies for friends.

Linda P.

It's certainly inspiring, educational and emotional! Congratulations Diana on writing your life journey down, in such a way that it's hard to put the book down!

Liv T.


Loved your book! It is easy to read, inspiring and uplifting.  You have done a fantastic job.

Charmian O

This book is a great read, couldn't put it down.

Kylie W.

I loved reading it. Talk about a wicked sense of humour.

Joanne C

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